#pray for the best.
God’s best.

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That’s a wrap!!!
And that concludes my first experience of performing in a musical theater!

I came to the production with a small idea of what I can or cannot do, but this show really taught me a lot of new things and gave me new confidence in my art, to finally perform as a dancer, actor, and singer at the same time!

I want to thank JPAC for this great opportunity, all of my wonderful casts and crews; especially my Act I family, Rio, Michael and Becky, and of course our amazing director, Keith Allerton. We are forever will be the Children of this Eden.

See you all again! – with Novita, Hilmi, Ruth, Indira, Meganakita, Ady, Ruri, Belinda, rio, Befalia, Winson, Icha, Neshya, Cristian, MICHAEL, Kibot, Teris Leight, Elhaque, Becky West Milek, Gita, Sultana, Harry&Jacopo, Phil, Keith, Tam, and Heriska at The Ice Palace Lotte Shopping Avenue

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