Yay, thanks for the great show my super talented cast of friends! – with Novita, Meganakita, Ruri, Christian, Dee, Kibot, Friska, Pinkyvi, Muhamad, Divana, Emir, and Abe at The Ice Palace Lotte Shopping Avenue

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Self Esteem

Self esteem is a bit like bravery
You are brave not when you have no fears.
You are brave when you know you’re afraid, but keep going anyway
You have a self esteem not when you have no flaws
You have a self esteem when you know you’re not perfect, but keep believing in yourself anyway

This is also why some people can be so blind to their fears, they ended up doing stupid shit
And some people are so blind to their flaws, they become a lil’ shit

This gym equipment has a weird proportion that fucked up my usual posture
No dry changing room. My body image issue can’t handle changing in the lockers
Has weirdly tagged or calibrated weight that messed up my PRs
The free-weight & calisthenic space is cordoned off and requires a PT assistance
And to save the best for last……..

They don’t have a squat rack
A SQUAT RACK – at Gold’s Gym

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