PUTTING THE V IN DIVAS: Sam Smith, Tinashe, Jessie Ware & FKA twigs Cover & Interview from V Magazine 93 Music Issue

Four of the many breakout star in 2014 music industry posed for the cover of the V Magazine V93 The Music Issue. Sam Smith, Jessie Ware, Tinashe and Robert Pattinson’s current girlfriend and visionary artist, FKA twigs can be seen in four alternative cover for the annual music-centered issue of the fashion magazine.

Shot by the renowned fashion & celebrity photographer Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, The stars sizzle up the cover with a blend of edgy and contemporary clothing (or lack thereof) styled by Mel Ottenberg.

Inside the star-studded issue—which also include NSFW polaroid photos of provocateur extraordinaire Miley Cyrus and the current Calvin Klein poster boy Justin Bieber, shot by Karl Lagerfeld—the four singers are also interviewed by music industry giants like Chaka Khan and Babyface. 

Take a look at the individual cover, highlights of the interview, and some of the cover stars latest masterpiece after the jump.

Sam Smith: “Some of these pop stars are just awful.”


Probably the most known face of the gang here in Indonesia, is the British soulful crooner Sam Smith, who lends his voice to the massive 2013 Disclosure garage-house hit, Latch, before smashing out on his own with the beautiful Stay With Me from his best-selling album, In The Lonely Hour.

The out (and recently taken!) artist is interviewed by Chaka Khan, of the Through The Fire legendary fame, and instantly bonded over their mutual love over their career, their inspiration, and passion for Jazz music. Sam even drops some juicy tidbits about his experience over meeting some of his fellow artist.

 “Even when you meet them — I won’t name names — but some of these pop stars are just awful. And they have not even had half the success that you’ve (Chaka Khan. ed) had and yet you’re so humble and kind.”

The interview ends with the two promised to work together, and the difference of the Sam Smith of a couple years ago with the now Madison Square Garden selling-out, internationally famous singer.

Check out the interview here, and take a look at Sam Smith’s latest music video, Like I Can below.

Tinashe: “Beyoncé can be the icon that she is, and I can become who I am as well.”


She has been hailed as the current reigning R&B Princess. Tinashe Jørgensen Kachingwe surfaced in the mainstream scene with her infectious DJ Mustard produced track, 2 On. With four self released free LP under her belt, Tinashe came in 2014 lock-and-loaded with danceable R&B songs as well as her signature haunting and ethereal bedroom jams packed in her debut major label album, Aquarius.

Patti LaBelle, the soul diva who keeps calling the 1993 born singer as “baby girl”, interviewed Tinashe about the first time she starts writing music, her passion in acting, and the time when both of them are in a group (Tinashe with Stunners, and Patti with LaBelle) and how that differs with being a solo artist on their own. The comparison with Beyonce, the current biggest name in R&B today is inevitable, and Tinashe feels it’s a huge compliment.

“Obviously, I would like to be known as myself, and sometimes comparisons can put you into a box. I don’t want to feel like I have to compete with other female artists either. [Beyoncé] can be the icon that she is, and I can become who I am as well.”

Check out the interview here, and view one of the slower offering from Aquarius, Pretend featuring rapper A$AP Rocky below

Jessie Ware: “Everyone thinks I look like an absolute bitch in my videos.”


Jessie Ware is the more experienced name between the four, with her critically acclaimed 2013 debut album Devotion, with the Sade inspired song and video Running and the fresh, dubstep-like beats of 110% (If You’re Never Gonna Move). She comes back in 2014 with her sophomore album Tough Love, with songs penned by Jessie herself with help from BenZel, Dave Okumu, and Ed Sheeran.

The interview conducted by Babyface, who seemed surprised by the south London-raised singer potty mouth.

“Everyone thinks I look like an absolute bitch in my videos because I look quite cold and shy, and then you chat with me. Whenever anyone meets me they think I’m just somebody that works for the label, or I’m someone’s assistant, which is quite hysterical, quite fun actually.”

The professionally star-struck Jessie Ware talked about the process of producing songs for the greats, and the need of getting it wrong a couple of time. Check out the interview here, and view the album’s first eponymous single, Tough Love below.

FKA twigs: “R&B is R&B. It doesn’t need an alternative”


You may know her as the beau of Robert Pattinson, of the Twilight fame. But she is so much more than the girlfriend of the most beloved vampire of modern times. FKA twigs is a visionary producer, singer, and performance artist that infused all her work with a sense of avant-garde and sensual artistry, not unlike Bjork. Her album LP1 has graced most of the 2014 critics’ year-end best album lists, and her videos and live performance is sexy, energetic, yet has a strange, alien-like quality that is out of this world.

Chatting with music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, twigs (real name Tahliah Barnett) talks about how her past experiences in choir and as a dancer (she was one of the backup dancer in Jessie J‘s Do It Like a Dude video) and what the video of her collaboration with Google Glass actually mean. They also touched on the issue of the term “alternative” R&B that tossed around when publications talk about the genre of FKA twigs songs.

“If I say “alternative red” to you, it’s not red, is it? “Alternative R&B” is patronizing to R&B. R&B is R&B—it doesn’t need an alternative. There are plenty of artists now experimenting with electronic music, manipulating sounds. We can make a train into a synth. We can make drips into hi-hats. I can record sounds on my phone and make a song out of a city. I don’t know what that has to do with R&B.”

Check out the interview here, and view the latest video from her single Pendulum below


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